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Name:Rihannsu, not Romulans
Location:Starfleet Command, San Francisco, California, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For fans of Diane Duane's Star Trek Rihannsu novels
This community is for fans of the following novels:

My Enemy, My Ally
The Romulan Way
Sword Hunt
Honor Blade
The Empty Chair

The author is Diane Duane, who's also the author of the Young Wizards series of sf/fantasy novels and of other Trek novels including The Wounded Sky, Doctor's Orders, and Spock's World (that's not an exhaustive list).

Discussion of the books, fanfic, fanart, and discussion of the larger Trek universe are all welcome. If anybody wants to drag in the late John M. Ford's two Trek novels, that's fine, too.

Interests (29):

4d chess, ael t'rllailieu, arrhae, ch'havran, ch'rihan, diane duane, ensign rock, harb tanzer, honor blade, mnhei'sahe, moira the games computer, mr. athende, my enemy my ally, naraht, remus, rihannsu, romulan, romulans, romulus, s'harien, s'task, spock, sulamids, surak, swordhunt, the empty chair, the romulan way, vulcan, vulcans
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